Episode 150

What is the BEST Distro Logo? And More Questions!


March 12th, 2024

1 hr 16 mins 56 secs

Season 8

Your Host

About this Episode

The boys return after a week off to answer your questions.


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[show notes]


[time stamps]
0:00 Intro

0:52 Our Week in FOSS

0:55 Tyler's Week

2:24 Matt's Week

7:25 TLC Q&A

7:45 Is Matt a Secret Mint Fanboy?

10:40 Which Linux Distro Do You Daily Drive?

11:05 What Are Some Tips for Securely Using teh AUR?

13:24 Tyler: Have You Tried Plasma 6?

14:02 Back to the AUR Question

15:50 What Made You Stick With Linux?

20:20 Is GPU Passthrough Worth It?

23:16 Could You Share Your Favorite Linux Tips?

32:13 Why Do You Hate on Manjaro?

34:13 Have You Used the Nix Package Manager?

36:42 Would You Review Wubuntu?

39:40 Can You Distrohop Without Wiping Your $HOME Directory?

41:28 What Is the Best Distro Logo?

47:30 How to Use Adobe on Linux?

48:45 What is the Best Way to Trasnfer Windows Docs to Linux?

49:49 Back to the Adobe Question

50:59 If Linux Didn't Exist...

58:57 Thoughts on the Linux ZEN Kernel?

1:00:00 BSD When?

1:04:52 Would You Use a Light Theme?

1:07:58 What is Holding Linux Back?

1:10:44 Nuggies of the Week

1:11:09 Tyler's Nuggie

1:12:26 Matt's Nuggie

1:14:12 Contact Info and Goodbyes!